Whatever it takes, We walk together

Here, have some James Neal fights to spice up your life


vs. Andrew Ference 4/3/12

vs. Martin Hanzel 2/13/10

vs. Keith Ballard 12/19/13

vs. Derick Brassard 12/18/08

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Anonymous chirped:
why did that picture make you sick? why does it matter that that they take couple photos? she hasnt done anything to you to not like her or them together so yeah i understand its an opinion but you need to get over yourself.

well first off, it’s called sarcasm.. get some.

secondly, i could give a flying fuck what they do; i just would rather not see her fake ass self all over my dash.

just because she’s never done anything to me, doesn’t mean i can’t have my reasons as to WHY i don’t like her/them together. 

if it’s my opinion then why do i have to get over myself? at least when i have something to say to someone, i don’t hid behind a gray face with glasses. 

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penguinspens replied to your post: “just saw a picture on my dash, that almost made me throw up. ”:
Guessing that’s the one with Melanie? Lmao

god yes. and not the one with pauly. the normal one. like stooopp. don’t post those pictures on here. penguinspens

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i honestly feel so bad for some players because they have to deal with some really creepy and weird people.

Like give these guys some privacy and give them respect as if they were just a normal everyday person. don’t be creepy. or stalk them. that’s just fucked up.

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way to not pay attention, self! file was too big so, yeah—NOW I made a thing! a thing that works!
April 23, 2014 - Beguin “warming up” pt 2
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Anonymous chirped:
Why did Erik block you..?


I don’t even know lmao I literally didn’t do anything like you all messaged him about the most ridiculous stuff and like I asked him how he got his hair so flawless and the fucker blocks me hahaha

maybe he did it by accident?

just saw a picture on my dash, that almost made me throw up. 

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